Where breakthrough ideas become reality.

The Center for Emerging Technologies (CET) provides the specialized facilities, knowledgeable support services, entrepreneur training programs, and access to capital needed to establish and develop next generation medical and other advanced technology companies. 

In only nine years, CET has grown to encompass 92,000 SF of incubator/accelerator space in two rehabbed buildings, with a new 60,000 SF lab building under development. 

CET companies have obtained $804 million in funding from investors, grants and revenues. 

CET has been a key member of a St. Louis public-private-three university partnership focused on creating all of the elements needed to commercialize innovations through new companies, grow a competitive life science industry cluster, and be a leading center of tech-based economic development. 

CET staff members have been actively engaged in national initiatives to devise and promote best practices for funding translational research and development, technology transfer, biomedical incubators, and university-industry-small company research collaborations.

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